Water Meter Information

North Attleborough Water Meter Information

The Town utilizes an automatic meter reading system to read all water meters in Town. The system transmits readings daily to our reading system which the Town utilizes to generate quarterly bills for water and sewer users. Residents should review their bills periodically to ensure that you are being accurately billed. If you see that you have an estimated bill or a bill with zero usage, there may be an issue with your meter. Please call the Water Division at 508-695-7790.

Water Meter Brochure (PDF) - Shows residents how read your water meter.

Water Meter Installation Requirements

The Town of North Attleborough requires that all new meter installations be scheduled through the Water Division. You can schedule an appointment by calling 508-695-7790. Please note that it appoints may be scheduled severals days after the booking so please plan accordingly.

New residential and commercial meter installations require that the plumbing be "Meter Ready" at the time of the appointment. A location shall be considered "Meter Ready" if the plumbing work is fully completed on both sides of water meter, including horizontal mounting to the wall, 1/4-turn ball valves on each side of the meter and meter spuds, spaced to accept the proper sized meter. The meter shall be located in a readily accessible location. If the meter is determined by our field personnel to not be "Meter Ready", the meter will not be installed and the property owner will need to make the proper corrections and reschedule the appointment.

For a sketch of the "Meter Ready" requirements, view the Meter Ready Sketch Residential Meter Installation (PDF).

The Town of North Attleborough allows irrigation meters. Irrigation meters shall be installed prior to the domestic meter and shall also be required to be meter ready, have a backflow device and rain sensor installed. Irrigation meter shall have their own ball valves on each side of the meter.

For a sketch on "Meter Ready" requirements, view the Meter Ready Sketch Irrigation Meter Installation (PDF).