Fall Cleanup & Composting In North Attleborough

As part of the Town of North Attleborough's Stormwater Management Program, residents are encouraged to help keep our waterways clean during the Fall by using Best Management Practices (BMPs) when cleaning up leaves around your property. The following are four tips to help your community improve our stormwater system. View our Leaf Cleaning and Composting Brochure (PDF) to see more.

  1. Keep fallen leaves out of the streets:  Leaf litter leaches nutrients into stormwater runoff and contributes to pollution in our waters.
  2. Clear storm drains of debris around your home: Leaf litter and yard debris plug storm drains and increase flooding issues.
  3. Don't dump into ditches and streams: Decaying leaf litter releases excess nutrients causing eutrophication and algal blooms. Streams can become clogged from excess debris.
  4. Compost leaves and yard clippings: Reduce added chemicals in your yard and garden by creating a natural fertilizer with composted leaves or use the Town's Compost Facility (PDF).