Plow Damage

The Department of Public Works has adopted the following policy for repairing damage during snow and ice operations. Please call 508-695-9621 if you have any questions or to report any damage caused by the Department's operations.

Snow Plow Damage Policy

The Town of North Attleboro will replace mailboxes damaged by the Town's snow and ice operations with a standard wooden post and mailbox, supplied and installed by the Town when weather permits, or will reimburse residents up to $75 for replacement of mailboxes damaged by the Town's snow and ice operations. Non-standard mailboxes and enclosures placed within the public Right-of-Way are at the owner's risk and responsibility and will not be replaced in-kind.

For a resident to receive a reimbursement for their mailbox they must complete a Mailbox Reimbursement Request Form and the Town must verify that the mailbox has been damaged by snow and ice operations of the Town. Replacement and reimbursement requests are due no later than two weeks from the date of the incident. Copies of all receipts must be included for reimbursement up to $75.

Damaged mailbox must meet the requirements of the U.S. Postal Service in regards to location and construction for reimbursement. Mailbox posts shall be placed a minimum of two feet from the edge of pavement, the face of the mailbox should be no less than 8" from the edge of the roadway and 40 to 44 inches above the ground. The Town will not be responsible for replacement of mailboxes that are not properly located. The Town will not be responsible for replacement of mailbox posts that are broken from pushed snow if the posts are found to be rotted or rusted through.

The Town will repair damage to property adjacent to the roadway if damaged by snow and ice plowing operations or other roadway operations. Snow and Ice damage will be repaired in May and June, Generally. Grassed areas will be replaced with loam and seed by Town employees. Landscape with rocks, bricks, timbers, shrubs and other items in the right-of-way will not be repaired. Any irrigation in the right-of-way, is done at the owner's risk and responsibility. Any irrigation that is damaged by plowing or roadway operations that is found to be within the public right-of-way will not be replaced.

Plow Damage Form (PDF)