Angle Tree Stone

The Angle Tree Stone is a nine-foot slate monument made in 1790 by a father and son team that manufactured gravestone markers. It replaced an actual tree that had long been used as a boundary marker between the Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth colonies. Today, the Angle Tree Stone marks the border between North Attleborough and Plainville, as well as the boundary between Bristol and Norfolk counties.

The site was included in the Register of National Historic Places in 1976. Five years later a brick building was constructed to house the Angle Tree Stone. That initial effort was spearheaded by then State Representative Kevin Poirier of North Attleborough, who filed a budget amendment to raise $25,000, along with another $12,000 raised by local communities.

On November 3, 2001, the Angle Tree Stone monument site was re-dedicated by then former State Representative Kevin Poirier and his wife - the current State Representative Betty Poirier. Representative Betty Poirier had brought things full circle by leading a drive for a $50,000 restoration of the site. The Angle Tree Stone was cleaned, the brick of the building was cleaned and restored, new fencing was added, and various other improvements were made, including landscaping.

The Angle Tree Stone monument is located in woods off of upper High Street in North Attleborough, not far from Peck Street in Plainville.

Volunteers in Preservation (VIPs) are needed to check on the brick building and do light maintenance of the grounds.

Angle Tree Stone