Form of List

The enclosed Form of List (for fiscal year 2023) must be filed by March 1, 2023, with the Board of Assessors, if you were in business in North Attleborough on January 1, 2022, and your business falls into one of the following categories:

            • Individuals          • Partnerships           • Associations          • Trusts          • Corporations

                            • Limited liability companies            • Other legal entities 

• and own or hold taxable personal property on January 1, (unless required to file another local or central valuation personal property return).

The North Attleborough Board of Assessors may extend the filing deadline if you can show sufficient reason for not filing on time.  Requests for an extension must be made in writing to the Board of Assessors.

If a return is not filed for the fiscal year (2023), the Board of Assessors would be precluded from granting an abatement for overvaluation of the personal property for that year.

The information in the return is used by the Board of Assessors to determine the fair market value of taxable personal property, and to determine the taxable or exempt status of the personal property.

For your reference, please find the specific personal property account data sheet from the prior fiscal year. Please review the information, mark any changes if necessary, and return the form along with your completed form of list. Please note that depreciation is standardized and is not determined on an individual or per item basis.

Please note that personal property information listed in Schedules A-I is not available to the public for inspection under the state public records law. It is available only to the Board of Assessors and the Massachusetts Department of Revenue; for the purpose of administering the state tax laws.

Form must be filed by March 1 unless an extension is granted by the Board of Assessors.

How to Submit this Form

  1. Download the fillable pdf below and save the file to your computer.
  2. Fill out the document and save the file. (note where the file is saved to).
  3. The completed form along with all required documents may be submitted via any of the following methods:

If you require in-person assistance regarding the application, please contact one of our office personnel. The office phone number is (508) 699-0117