Mackreth Memorial Building

In 1914 a new North Attleborough police station was built on Mason Avenue at a cost of $6,000. In 1939 a much larger building was constructed which incorporated the original police station into the new structure. This expanded building became known as the MacKreth Memorial Building.

Half of the new building was occupied by the MacKreth Memorial Hospital, which opened on January 11, 1941. The police station continued to occupy the other half. The small hospital closed in 1968 and the police department took over the entire 7,000-square-foot building at 16 Mason Avenue. The ambulance and the beds from the former hospital were then donated to the North Attleborough Fire Department

The police department finally moved to new headquarters at the old Barrows Building in 2004. The old facility on Mason Avenue remained unsold until 2007. At that time, the new owner put items from the Mason Avenue station up for sale. The most interesting of these items was the door to cell Number 3, which Harry Houdini supposedly escaped from in November 1923.