Simmons Park

This small park is located at the junction of Commonwealth Avenue and Lyons Way in Attleborough Falls. It was bequeathed to the town of North Attleborough by Robert F. Simmons (1842 to 1894), a noted Civil War veteran and major jewelry manufacturer. His company produced gold-plated chains from factory buildings in Attleborough Falls and the city of Attleborough.

The triangular site was laid out in 1894. A round horse trough, made of cement, stood near the point of the triangle, where Lyons Way and Commonwealth Avenue meet. A bandstand stood on the site for several years and provided regular concerts.

In 1948 the old horse trough provided a circular base for a stone dedicated as a "Memorial for the Men and Women of Attleborough Falls who served their country during World War II." More recently, The Lt. Robert F. Toner Memorial and Plaque was moved from the site of its original location, due to road widening, to Simmons Park.

On September 23, 2001, the Simmons Memorial Park was finally and formally dedicated in a ceremony attended by local dignitaries. A stone and a flagpole were added to the site during the dedication service for Mr. Simmons.