Mount Hope Cemetery & Arboretum

With its red rock wall and entrance arch, Mount Hope Cemetery is one of North Attleborough's most visible landmarks. "Let the spot be diversified with brook and pond and rushing stream, with plain and hillock, with sunshine and shade, with the natural forest and cultivated grove…" These were the spoken words when Mount Hope Cemetery was consecrated on July 2, 1850. The first burial there, also in 1850, was that of Martin Whitney whose wife's aunt, Sarah Orne, was married to Paul Revere the famed Revolutionary War hero. Mount Hope Cemetery was the fourth cemetery in the country to be officially designated an Arboretum in 1999. The first plantings were two tiny beech trees, planted on consecration day in 1850. One is still standing today with a girth of over eighteen feet. The arboretum is maintained with the help of Angle Tree Garden Club.

Mount Hope