NAFD Bucket Brigade

The Bucket Brigade is back again this year, the North Attleboro Fire Department will be delivering five-gallon buckets with a mix of sand and rock salt to eligible residents for the winter season to be used on walkways and driveways. The salt buckets will be refilled as needed throughout the winter.

The program is offered to any North Attleboro resident over the age of 60 that lives in a private residence. Those who live in assisted living facilities or apartment and/or condo complexes aren't eligible to receive the buckets. Residents should note that the fire department will not be spreading the salt buckets, but that each resident will need to either do so themselves or have someone do it for them if they are unable.

Buckets will be delivered beginning on November 18, 2023. Residents do not need to be home at the time their bucket is dropped off. They will then be picked up in April. The department will notify residents towards the end of March when their bucket will be picked up in April via email. Please note, we are unable to allow residents to keep the bucket outside of the season. 

This program is being funded through a Senior SAFE grant the department received through the Department of Fire Services. The North Attleboro Department of Public Works will be providing the salt/sand mix.

To sign up for the program, please submit an application.

The program will be available to the first 150 seniors who respond.

For additional information, contact the North Attleboro Fire Department's Public Education Team.


2023 NAFD Bucket Brigade Application