North Attleborough Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zones

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts designated two Opportunity Zone tracts in the Town of North Attleborough. Opportunity Zones have the potential to encourage investors to redeploy capital into low-income neighborhoods, which could strengthen local economies. On this page is:

  • An interactive map that displays the Town's two Opportunity Zones.
  • The Town's Opportunity Zone goals.
  • More information about how Opportunity Zones work and could be used to benefit investors and communities like North Attleborough.


The Town's two Opportunity Zones, which appear as one large area, can be reviewed by examining the Town's MapGeo account. Three different themes were created to display information pertaining to parcels within the Town's Opportunity Zones. The map is available below or can be opened in a new window.

Town’s Opportunity Zone Goals

  • Redevelop Abandoned Jewelry Factories in Downtown North Attleborough. North Attleborough was once the jewelry capital of the world. Many of the jewelry companies that once called North Attleborough home have since gone out of business or have moved their operations overseas. Now there are numerous sites in North Attleborough, many of which are in our two opportunity zones that could be redeveloped for other purposes. Redeveloping these sites is a top priority for the Town of North Attleborough.  
  • Rehabilitate Older Buildings and Distressed Properties in Downtown North Attleborough. A significant percentage of the two opportunity zones in North Attleborough encompasses the Town’s downtown, much of which is mixed-use. This unique feature of the North Attleborough opportunity zones will allow investors to realize the potential of redeveloping underutilized mixed-use, high-density housing with commercial space on the ground floor. With the addition of a 193-unit luxury apartment complex currently being constructed in downtown North Attleborough, more individuals will be living and playing in downtown North Attleborough than at any time in the Town’s history.
  • Locate an Innovation Center in North Attleborough. The Town of North Attleborough is currently seeking to open an innovation center to grow the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. By utilizing Opportunity Funds, investors may now invest in the physical structure of an innovation center and those startups that rent space. There are several sites within the two Opportunity Zones that could house an innovation center.
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